Let The Right One In Pt 3

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Eli is introduced as this small skinny little twelve year old. She has bad body odor and she never has on a coat or a hat to wear outside in the cold. She does not go to school and she only comes out at night. By now you should know what she is. If you do not know, she is a vampire. She meets Oskar for the first time in the playground at night. He sees her on top of the playground and sees how she jumps down without a problem. They develop a friendship little by little. Oskar is excited because he really does not have any friends and neither does Eli. Oskar lends her his rubix cube when she gets interested in it. He also makes a morse code for them to talk through the wall. She starts to tell Oskar that he does not  have to put up with the way the bullies pick on him. She tells him it would be a good idea to go to the gym with Mr. Avila. He starts to learn things there and starts to build up confidence. She starts to develop a love for him.

Things change a little when he finds out that Eli is a vampire. He is scared of her but quickly starts to miss her. He accepts the fact that she is a vampire. With the relationship that they developed, Eli can no longer bite Oskar. She controls herself and tells him to leave. She has never had such a great friendship before. Eli then tells Oskar that her real name is Elias. He can not believe that he kissed a boy. I took him awhile to accept that Eli was not a she but a he.

When Oskar is being drowned by Jimmy he feel as though he has no hope. He is going to die. Yet Eli comes in and saves him from dying. She kills all of them except for Micke. Then they set out on a train and leave. When the conductor asks him if the big trunk is his Oskar says yes. He knows he is going to a better place. Both of them will be better of together. Maybe one day Oskar will become a vampire or maybe he won’t.


Let The Right One In Pt 2

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Hakan is introduced in the subway train where he can not decide where to stop. He knows what he has to do, and even though he doe does not want to he know its for Eli. He is walking on the side walk and sees a girl walking in front of him and thinks that she might be a victim but decides to keep looking. He waits behind a tree in the woods ready to attack the victim but when he is running against the sun and time he picks a young boy walking by himself. He attacks him and prepares to drain his blood out, and after he is done he hangs him upside down from a tree. He takes the blood to Eli, whom he loves. She drinks it and he tells her that he can not keep doing this. She tells him she loves him and he responds to her by telling her that she only loves him because of what he does for her.

We have an instance where Hakan is with his friends and they have a young boy prostitute. They are all getting aroused  by the boy except for Hakan. He also appears at a library where a teenage boy comes up to him and asks him if he wants a boy. Hakan says no but at the end ends up giving in. He goes to the restroom and a young boy comes in. When the boy is about to start with his business Hakan notices the boy has no teeth. He picks the boy up and gives him money so the boy can fix his teeth.

We have Hakan in his last attempt to get blood for Eli go to the local swimming pool. He goes straight to the locker room and waits there for someone to come in. Again he picks a victim and bring him into the stall where he has everything in place. He has the mask on the boys face and has him hung down from a rack. When Hakan hears mens voices he immediately turns the mask off and prays that they leave soon. Next thing you know the boy awakens and screams. Hakan knows this is the end of the road. So he grabs the acid from the bag and throws it on his face. The acid falls down to his body. He does not die and ends up in the hospital.

Throughout the story we see Hakan having many tasks at hand but he fails at all of them. He is not a good murder or a good child molester. He is so bad at all these tasks that it makes you feel bad for him.


Let The Right One In

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In Let The Right One In, we are introduced to Oskar a twelve year old boy that is harassed and picked on at school. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother in an apartment. He does not have any friends at school.  Their is one kid that he plays with sometimes but they do not talk in school because he does not want to get picked on. Oskar is not your typical boy that reads fairy tales. He is obsessed with murders. He likes to read the newspapers and cut out the stories of the murder cases. Not only does he like  to read about these murder cases but he also likes to pretend he is a murderer killing the bullies that pick on him. These kids make him squeal like a pig and they also hit him physically and mentally. He has never tried to fight back, because he never has any motivation to fight back. He has tried to hide from them but that never works because he ends up being beat more than if he had not hidden from them. He does not tell his mother what happened at school with these kids because he knows people would not believe him when he told them. He is also a thief. He steals candy and cookies from the convenience store. He gets a thrill from stealing because he does not get caught and says its easy for him. He got caught once but his mother never knew about it because he out smarted them. I noticed many times  throughout the book Oskar’s mother always mentions for him to put his hat on because it is cold outside. I believe the significance of the hat is protection. Protection or his head and ears from the cold. The protection his mother does not give him the hat gives him. When he meets Eli he sees that she has not hat therefore she does not have protection.

Dead Until Dark

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Dead Until Dark was a very interesting story because not only did we have vampires, but we also had a mind reader and a shape shifter. Also for the first time, vampires are allowed in the towns and allowed to mingle with humans. Humans are no longer afraid of them but they have an attraction towards them. In the bars, they sell synthetic blood for the vampires to drink. Vampires now are not just predators like they were before, but they are now victims as well. Humans drain vampires from their blood to sell it for money. Not only can vampires die from a stake to the heart, and sunlight but they can now die from bitting a human that has the AIDS virus. We have Sookie Stackhouse the virgin mind reader. She is a good and safe girl. Her parents died when she was younger and now she lives with her grandmother. She works at a bar as a waitress. Most men do not find her attractive because she can read their minds. She encounters Bill Compton at the bar while she is working. She knows that he is a vampire and is immediately attracted to him. She saves Bill from being drained of his blood and then Bill saves her when the Rattray’s are trying to kill her. They have start to fall in love with each other little by little. They say opposites attract and that is what Sookie and Bill are. We have Sookie the alive and virgin human girl. Ben  the dead and sexually experienced vampire. They both have different life experiences and both feel comfortable with each other. Especially Sookie because for the first time she can not read Bill’s mind. All she hears is silence. Even though they love each other they encounter problems. Since Sookie is dating Bill she gets involved in the vampire world. Which bring problems along the way. People in town already see her as a different kind of girl so now that she is dating a vampire it makes her socially awkward. Of course they have the big problem of she can only see him at night due to sunlight, and they would never be able to have kids because he is unable too. I’m excited to see what happens next in this series.

Salem’s Lot

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In Salem’s Lot, we have about six slayer figures. They are Ben, Mark, Matt, Jimmy, Susan, and Father Callahan. We have Ben the the writer and author. He has been to the Marsten House and says he saw Hubbie Marsten with his eyes wide open. He is strong and can endure a lot. I believe Ben is a reflection of Mark. Mark is the young skinny kid that is going to get picked on by the bully, but Mark is wiser than him and beats him. He is a reader of horror fiction and is  said to be mentally tough, due to all the books and monster figurines. Next we have Mark, the english high school teacher. He again like the others reads many books and is very wise. He is old and rigid, and won’t go down without a fight. Jimmy is the doctor of the group and at the beginning does not really but believe them until he has his encounter with a vampire at the morgue. After being bit by the vampire he goes into his medical bag to try and get the venom out with and antidote. Father Callahan is the priest of the town. Even though he is not the best, but he is still the town’s priest. He is defeated though by his loss of faith. Last but not least is Susan. I think she is the weakest from the group. She is a non believer and does not obey the rules. She is not imaginative and is attached to tradition. She wants to do things without telling people which leads to her death. One thing that all these characters have in common besides that they are all slayers is that all of them read books and some write.

The town in Salem’s lot is its own character. The town from the start was broken down and old. It was dead even before the vampires came in. The town was in trouble from the start. You could say they were saved when they were turned into a vampire. The town had no hope. The fire in the town was somewhat the start and future of something new.

Salem’s Lot (Mark)

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We start to see more of the people from the Salem’s lot becoming into vampires. Since most of the people do not believe in vampires, when they see a loved one turned into a vampire they welcome them in immediately. They do not know they are different because they are glad to see them come back. We have Mark, the young boy that beat up the bully at school. He is in his room filled with monster books and figures, when Danny Glick appears at his window and asks to come in. Most people would have let him in, but Mark knows better. He notices that Danny is floating in the air without a ladder underneath him. Danny begs him to let him in and Mark finally decides to open the window but he grabs two sticks and makes it into a cross. When Danny is about to come in Mark put s the cross in front of him and Danny goes out of the window hissing. Mark is in shock. He can’t believe it. He closes the window and goes to bed with the cross still in his hand.

We also see Mark’s intelligence when both him and Susan go to the Marsten House. They climb in through the window and believe they are alone but Straker appears. He takes Susan downstairs to the basement and Mark upstairs to the room where Ben had seen Hubbie. Straker ties him up with a rope, and instead of panicking and giving up Mark remembers reading about the secrets of a magician being tied up. He holds his breath in while Straker ties him up. When he is left alone he starts to loosen himself out of the rope. He finally accomplishes getting out of it but hears Straker coming up the stairs. So he gets a piece of wood and waits for him to walk in. When Straker walks in Mark stabs him with the wood and ends up killing him. He tries to save Susan and knows he can’t so he leaves in search of trying to find Ben.


Through Their Eyes

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The gaze of a vampire is very calm and subtle.  Although most are all known for drinking blood, not having a reflection, and being pale. The one characteristic of a vampire that is over looked is their eyes. The eyes of a vampire are generally cold and dark. They may come in different colors but all have some type of meaning behind them.The eyes have different actions whether they are used to entice, used as a weapon, and the question I ask myself why are the eyes generally discussed by authors. The power to entice is very strong, and typically displayed more often among people who are more dominant.
The key and strength to a vampires gaze would be the ability to entice its victim.  Although the vampire can convince the victim out of fright, they use their gaze to attract the victim towards them. The vampire keeps the gaze on the victim, which keeps the victim in danger unless he or she has the ability to break free of the gaze.  Allowing the vampire to stare into your eyes is the first mistake the victim makes and most often it cannot be avoided. For example, “”His red eyes again! They are just the same.” It was such an odd expression, coming apropos of nothing, that it quite startled me. I slewed round a little, so as to see Lucy well without seeming to stare at her and saw that she was in a half dreamy state, with an odd look on her face that I could not quite make out; so I said nothing, but followed her eyes” (Stoker 129). This is describing the state that Lucy was in from glancing at his red cold but luring eyes.  It is basically showing the strength and magnitude of Dracula’s eyes and what they are capable of doing, with one short stare. Not only are the eyes of a vampire very enticing but they can also be used as a weapon.